The NSERC CREATE Program in Microfluidic Applications and Training in Cardiovascular Health (MATCH) is an innovative interdisciplinary graduate student training program at the University of Toronto and York University.

Microfluidics is the science and technology of systems that manipulate small volumes of fluids. The small size of microfluidic technologies offers several useful capabilities that are being exploited to create powerful “lab-on-a-chip” systems that promise to revolutionize the discovery and development of novel medical therapies. To meet the anticipated growth in this field, there is unprecedented demand for engineers and scientists who are skilled in microfluidic technologies and related biomedical, bioanalytical, and/or materials synthesis research, and therefore able to bridge knowledge gaps between complementary fields and effectively apply their research expertise within the broader scientific context.

The MATCH Program equips graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the scientific, technical, and professional skills required to lead the development of transformative microfluidic technologies in industry and academia. MATCH Trainees benefit from an outstanding research environment, world-class resources and facilities, cross-disciplinary courses and seminars, industrial internships, and collaboration and networking opportunities with industrial, academic, and business leaders.

This internationally-unique program is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and our partner companies and organizations.

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