Off-site Equipment

The CMS has purchased very specialized equipment that is house in specialty labs at U of T and York University. To access this equipment please contact the supervisors of these labs.

Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro Estrelas100 DRIE Systemdrie

The PlasmaPro Estrelas100 DRIE System is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. The system is used to etch high aspect-ratio anisotropic etch cavities into silicon-based substrates.

  • Compatibility with Si and SiO2 substrates
  • Substrate accommodation: Small pieces up to 6″ wafers
  • Etch Rate: > 25 µm/min. (Bosch), > 5 µm/min (Cryo)
  • Uniformity: < ± 3% (Bosch), < ± 5% (Cryo)
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 70:1 (Bosch), 30:1 (Cryo)
  • Selectivity to PR: > 250:1 (Bosch), > 100:1 (Cryo)
  • High plasma stability, eliminating ‘first wafer effect’

Contact: Edward Huaping Xu,

Tousimis Autosamdri-815B Supercritical Point Dryersupercriticalpointdryer

The Autosamdri-815B Supercritical Point Dryer is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. This tool is used to remove liquid from processed MEMS/NEMS devices without subjecting delicate structures to potentially destructive surface tension forces that are generated during the liquid-to-gas phase change.

  • 4″, 3″, 2″ diameter wafer holders and 10mm square die holders included
  • Holders are HF compatible and can hold up to 5 wafers or die per process
  • Unique chamber inserts maximize efficiency in LCO2 consumption and process time
  • Internal filtration system delivers clean LCO2 into process chamber down to 0.4µm
  • Chamber illumination with viewing window
  • Automatic processing with status LEDs

Contact: Edward Huaping Xu,

AML AWB-04 Aligner Wafer Bonderwaferbonder

The AWB-04 Aligner Wafer Bonder is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. This tool is used to seal and encapsulate MEMS/IC device structures and create 3D interconnects on wafer-level devices.

  • Anodic, Direct (Radical Activated), Eutectic, Glass Frit, UV Adhesive, Solder & Thermocompression Bonding
  • In-situ alignment accuracy: 1 micron
  • 10-6mbar Vacuum to 2bar process gas
  • Substrate accommodation: Small chips and 3″- 4″ wafers
  • Temperature Range: Up to 560° C
  • In-situ UV cure capability
  • Configured to support aligned polymer micro hot embossing and nano-imprinting

Contact: Edward Huaping Xu,

Disco DAD3220 Automatic Dicing Sawwaferdicer

The DAD3220 Automatic Dicing Saw is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. This tool is used to perform high precision dicing of silicon wafers or glass substrates into smaller chips.

  • Auto-alignment, auto-focus, and auto-kerf check functions
  • Unlimited configurable independent user programs
  • 4 programmable cutting channels with 320 degree max rotating angle
  • Cutting blades thickness: 100 – 400 micron
  • Max substrate size: 6” wafers or 6″ x 6″ substrates
  • 160mm x 162mm cutting range
  • < 0.005/160 positioning accuracy
  • 1.5 kW spindle at 30,000 per minute

Contact: Edward Huaping Xu,

TPT HB16 Wire Bonderwirebonder

The HB16 Wire Bonder is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. This tool is used to bond thin, electrically conductive metal wire or ribbon between precise locations on chips, slides, printed circuit boards, etc. This technique can be used to complete electrical pathways to small chips for subsequent device characterization or use with larger circuit elements.

  • Bond metals: Au, Al, Cu in wire and ribbon.
  • Ball-wedge and wedge-wedge bonding
  • A comprehensive loop profile library
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and step modes
  • 100 customizable user programs
  • Pull testing equipment (bond strength measurement)
  • Stitch bonding capability

Contact: Edward Huaping Xu,

AJA International ATC Orion 8 Sputter Deposition Systemsputterer

The ATC Orion 8 Sputter Deposition System is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. The system is used to deposit thin film dielectric and metal materials (including magnetic materials) onto wafer substrates via a plasma-induced sputter deposition process.

  • Targets: Cu, Al, Ti, Ni, W, Cr, Mo, Si, SiO2, Si3N4
  • Argon, oxygen, and nitrogen plasma capability
  • Substrate accommodation: Small pieces up to 6″ wafers
  • Wafer heating via quartz halogen lamp (RT – 850C)
  • Software controlled multi-step recipe design
  • Substrate RF/DC biasing capability
  • Typical Rate: 1-10 Å/s

Contact: Edward Huaping Xu,

Micro-Twin Screw Compounder and Micro-Injection Molding Machine

The DSM Xplore micro-compounder and micro injection molding machines are hosted in Professor Hani Naguib’s laboratory in The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. The micro-injection molding machine is used to pattern small volumes of thermoplastics.

  • Sample volume of 15 mL to reduce screening costs
  • Excellent mixing & easy to clean
  • Flexibility to study the effects of mixing time temperature, shear rate on phase morphology of polymer blends or composites
  • 3 separate heating zones to control the precisely control the temperature of the melt
  • Flexibility (mold changing time in seconds)
  • Tapered mold; clamping force is less an issue

Contact: Hani Naguib,