Free Online Biofabrication Course – Utrecht University

For a limited time, the registration for a new online Biofabrication course taught at Utrecht University is free of charge for UofT students.

Details: Recently we have developed a new online course “Fundamentals of biofabrication” (  coordinated by prof. Malda and his group at the orthopaedics department of the UMC Utrecht. This course is open for master students from our graduate school of life sciences and the first edition (fall 2017) was evaluated very positive by the participants. For the next edition, scheduled from February 19th until April 22nd 2018 we would like to open up the course for international students from other partner universities as well. Participation for students from the University of Toronto, as one of our partner universities, is free of charge for a limited number of students (max. 3-5).

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