Equipment Reservation

Badger Equipment Reservation

Setting up your account

  1. Send your account information:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Phone Number
    5. University/Organization
    6. Department
    7. Type (Undergrad, Grad, Faculty, Staff)
    8. Supervisor #1
    9. Supervisor #2 (if applicable)
  2. You will receive an email titled “Welcome to Badger Lab Management Software”. This indicates your account is set up and you are ready to start booking equipment.
  3. Download and install Badger from:
  4. Open the software and set up a new account. Under “Lab”, please select “MFF”.
  5. Let Dan know as soon as you’ve made an account so it can be activated.

Making a reservation

There are 5 labs on U of T campus that are linked to Badger:

  1. The Bahen clean room
  2. The TNFC E-beam facility
  3. The Pratt clean room
  4. The Microfluidic Foundry (MFF)
  5. The Cell Perfusion Culture and Imaging Lab (CPCI)

Every member must be trained in each lab and have a lab staff member add an equipment specific qualification to their account before they can begin reserving or enabling any equipment. If you are qualified on a device, then you will see as asterisk next to the equipment name. To create or delete a reservation in the Microfluidic Foundry:


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After clicking on Make, the Machine Reservation Information box will display. Most users can simply select OK, but you may change the Project, Account, and the Process if needed. When finished with your changes, if any, click OK and the reservation will be made.


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If a reservation was made in error or you are unable to use the equipment for the time you requested, you can remove the reservation. WARNING! We do not allow members to delete a reservation once it has begun.


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Enabling Equipment

Before a device may be used you must Enable the equipment in Badger. Most equipment has a physical interlock which will prevent some key components from functioning unless the device is enables in Badger.


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You will get a message similar to the reservation message. The Machine Enable Information screen gives you the ability to select the project, account or process information. In most cases this does not change. Select OK.




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When you are done using the equipment, disable the device by selecting Disable under Equipment Actions. Your email address will not appear next to the device anymore.

Equipment Maintenance

A member can report problems with equipment, make comments, and also log serious issues that require the device to be shut down for a period of time. All problems, comments, and shutdowns result in an entry being added to the maintenance screen for that device. A problem or shutdown will result in a change in the icon for the device. A shutdown or problem can only be cleared by staff. While a device with an open problem can still be used, a device that is shutdown cannot be enables by members.

To report a problem, make a comment, or shut down a device:


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The appropriate screen will appear. Here you can add a subject and a detailed description of the problem.



After the problem report has been submitted the icon may change to reflect the new equipment status. Here (pictured below) hot plate 1 has reported a problem and the laser pattern gen, hot embosser, mask aligner 2, and the profilometer are shutdown.


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A member can review maintenance issues to see unresolved as well as resolved issues.


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Note that only a staff member can clear maintenance issues.