Microfabrication Equipment

Microfabrication is conducted in the Microfluidic Foundry, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, room 405. To get access to this lab see our Access and Fees page. The Microfluidic Foundry is a clean environment, all users must gown from head to tow before entering the clean room and no paper or fibrous materials are allowed inside the clean room. Materials left unattended in the clean room will be immediately removed in an effort to keep work space uncluttered. Consumables provided by the facility are: nitrile gloves, ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, acetone, nitrogen cylinders, SU8 developer, low-lint wipes, parafilm, scalpels and razor blades, aluminum foil, scotch tape, microscope slides, and Scotch tape.  Other consumables such as PDMS elastomer kits and SU8 photoresist need to be supplied by the user.

Microfabrication Equipment

3D Bioprinter

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.28.20 PMModel: RegenHu 3D Discovery

Print heads: heated cell friendly print head and polymer extruder

Build volume: 130 x 90 x 60 mm

Precision: 5 µm

Temperature control: 0 to 80 °C

Mask Aligner

Mask aligner

Mask aligner

Model: EVG 620

Substrate size: 6″

Mask size: 7″

Programs: Proximity, soft contact, hard contact, vacuum contact, vacuum + hard contact

Alignment: Bottom side and top side



Hot Embosser

Hot Embosser

Hot Embosser

Model: EVG 520

Substrate size: maximum 6″

Temperature: maximum 550 °C

Force: 200 to 20,000 N

Pressure: minimum 1 x 10E-5 bar



Mask Writer

Mask writer

Mask writer

Model: Heidelberg uPG 501

Substrate size: maximum 7″

Write area: maximum 5″

Wavelength: 375 nm

Minimum feature size: 1 µm

File conversion Manual

Operation Manual


Spin Coater

Model: Specialty Coating Systems Model G3P-8

Spin coater

Spin coater

Substrate size: 1.5 – 15 cm in diameter

Programs: 1 to 10 steps, 100 to 3000 rpm

Samples: SU8, PDMS, all other materials must be pre-approved



Hot Plates

Model: Torrey Pines HS40

Hot plate

Hot plate

Temperature range: room temperature – 400 °C

Substrate size: 20 x 20 cm

Temperature accuracy: 1% deviation of setting

Weight capacity: 22.5 kg

Programmable: max 10 steps



Mask Aligner

Model: OAI model 30

Mask Aligner

Mask Aligner

UV light: collimated

UV range: 350 – 450 nm

UV power: 200 – 2000 W

Exposure accuracy: 2% of deviated setting




Optical Profilometer

Optical profiler

Optical profiler

Model: Bruker Contour GT-K

Parfocal objectives :2, 10, 50x

Bright field objectives: 2, 10, 50x

Multiplier lenses: 0.55, 1, 2x

xy stage size and working distance: 6″ and 6″

z working distance: 4″

Maximum feature height: 10mm

Maximum scan rate: 47 µm/sec



An oven set at 80 ºC is located in the clean room for PDMS curing. Do not change the temperature of the oven.

Plasma Etcher

Plasma etcher

Plasma etcher

Model: Herrick Plasma cleaner PDC-001

Substrate size: 6″ diameter x 6.5″ length

Adjustable RF power

Applies a maximum of 30W to the RF coil



Vacuum Chamber


Vacuum chamber

Pump speed: 1.4 m3/hr

Minimum pressure: -30 PSI

Pump attached to Plasma Etcher