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Method for mixing inside a capillary and devices for achieving same

TDLFP-based mixing of three
solutions (red, blue, and green) inside the capillary.

Primary Investigator: Sergey Krylov Description: The present invention provides a method for mixing three or more fluids inside a capillary. The present invention further provides a method for optimizing efficient mixing of two or more fluids inside a capillary, and a computer-readable medium for use by a processor to carry out this method. Additionally, the… Read more »

Devices and methods for producing planar polymeric materials using microfluidics

A microfluidic device allows controllable incorporation of secondary biopolymers within a flowing biopolymer sheet followed by a cross-linking step that retains the microscale composition.

Primary Investigators: Axel Guenther, Milica Radisic Description: Methods and devices are disclosed for providing the controlled formation of planar homogeneous or heterogeneous materials using microfluidic devices. In one embodiment, a planar array of microfluidic channels is employed to produce a flowing liquid sheet having heterogeneous structure by spatially and temporally controlling dispensing of polymer liquid… Read more »

Fischer-tropsch synthesis using microchannel technology and novel catalyst and microchannel reactor

Schematic of engineered catalyst based on multilayer carbon nanotube arrays for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in a microchannel reactor.

Primary Investigator: Cathy Chin Description: The disclosed invention relates to a process for converting a reactant composition comprising H2 and CO to a product comprising at least one aliphatic hydrocarbon having at least about 5 carbon atoms, the process comprising: flowing the reactant composition through a microchannel reactor in contact with a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst to convert… Read more »

Method and system for cell detection and analysis


Primary Investigators: J. Stewart Aitchison Description: The present invention is a method and a system of cell detection and analysis. The present invention may incorporate at least an optical source, a fluidic chip and a detection module. Cells may be caused to flow within the fluidic chip and specifically past a detection window section accessible… Read more »