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Microarrayer now available for booking

Arrayjet microarrayer with two well plates and 20 slides.

The Arrayjet Microarrayer, generously donated by Professor Craig Simmons lab, has been serviced and is now operational again. The technology combines an inkjet printhead with Arrayjet’s patented JetSpyder™ sample loading device, to aspirate multiple samples simultaneous and reduce sample wastage, while printing high quality microarrays on-the-fly, at very high speeds. Our Arrayjet can load samples from… Read more »

New clean room suits


The clean room has upgraded to disposable Kimtech Pure A5 clean room apparel. These new suits are lighter and cooler then the previous suits to make working the clean room more comfortable. From switching over to the new suits the particle count in the clean room has decreased from 2564 particles/m³ to 1540 particles/m³ a… Read more »