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Fabricating optical lenses for your smart phone

Professor Wei-Chuan Shih’s NanoBioPhotonics lab at the University of Houston recently published a method for turning your smartphone into a microscope in the Jounal of Biomedical Optics. The paper describes methods for ink-jet printing our favourite polymer, polydimethylsiloxane, with rapid curing to produce lenses with an image resolution of 1 μm with an optical magnification of 120×. The whole… Read more »

Dae-Hyeong Kim’s lab at Seoul National University develop PDMS skin with sensory receptos

Nature communications recently published an article from Dae-Hyeong Kim’s lab describing a skin prosthetic they developed from PDMS. The material, PDMS enbedded with a silicon nanoribbon array, is stretchable and can detect stimuli such as: Strain on the material (from movements in the wrist and fingers) Humidity (i.e. is this cloth wet?) Temperature These sensors… Read more »

Form Labs 3D Printer

We are pleased to announce that we now have a Form Labs Form 1 3D Printer available for use in the Microfluidic Foundry. The technical specifications can be found here. We currently have a methacrylate photopolymer clear resin available for use, with the option of printing in alternate white, grey, and black resins.   The minimum feature size… Read more »

Heidelberg μPG 501 Tabletop Maskless Aligner System

We are happy to announce that we now offer mask writing at CMS with the Heidelberg µPG 501 Maskless Aligner System. The maximum substrate size is 7″, with a maximum write area of 5″. The aligner uses a wavelength of 375 nm, and the minimum feature size printable is 1 µm. For more information, see the data… Read more »

Grand Challenges Canada

Congratulations to Axel Guenther and the skin printer team on their successful Grand Challenges Canada proposal “Skin Printer for Low Cost Wound Dressings and Skin Regeneration in Cambodia”. For more information on the project, click here.    

Small Talks August 27, 2014

Small Talks is an afternoon of short talks featuring small science and engineering. The students presented microfluidic research with an emphasis on techniques, tips and tools for problem solving, and research. After presentations there was a Dragon’s Den round of pitches for students interested in commercializing their research. The prizes for best presentation were awarded… Read more »

Congratulations Craig Simmons

Craig Simmons, and co-authors Michelle Bendeck, Eugenia Kumacheva, Arun Ramchandran, Jon Rocheleau, Lidan You, Edmond Young, and Peter Zandstra have been awarded the NSERC Research Tools and Instruments grant for their proposal titled, “Advanced imaging systems for microfluidic platforms to enable the discovery and development of novel therapeutics.” This proposal will provide funds for three imaging… Read more »

Small Talks

Wednesday, August 28th, 2 – 4 pm Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Rm 331 Come and enjoy short talks about small things! We will enjoy 5 minute presentations from students who conduct microfluidic research; with emphasis on techniques, tips and tools for problem solving and research. In addition, we will have a Dragons Den round of presentation for students interested… Read more »

Dr. David Eddington will present “Controlling Oxygen Gradients via Microfluidic Devices for Cells and Tissues in vitro”

August 19th, 2013 Dr. David Eddington will visit CCBR on August 27th and present a talk titled “Controlling Oxygen Gradients via Microfluidic Devices for Cells and Tissues in vitro” For more information on Dr. Eddington’s work visit his website. For more information about this talk, see the attached flyer. Abstract: Tuesday August 27, 2013, 10am-11:30am,… Read more »